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Andrew Kamphey | 23 October, 2019

Someone chooses to subscribe. That is the only way to grow. That is the only way to get people to read your newsletter.

So you better make sure you’re subscribe-able.

Technically and Figuratively

Technically speaking, you should regularly check your signup forms. Check they work.

12 times a year, take 20 minutes and sign up with a dummy email. Did it work? What happens next? Just read through your onboarding automation emails one more time.

Figuratively, make sure that readers can clearly and concisely tell others about your newsletter. Give them options. Give them plenty of opportunities to discuss.

Here’s a test you can do alone, or with someone. Sometimes I like to write an email to a friend or a colleague. I write about my newsletter as if I had just heard about it, just gotten the first email. I don’t write that I’m the owner. I write the phrases and things that I would say if I didn’t know the owner.

Another test you can do, forward your own newsletter you got in your email, to someone. Preface it with what you think they should read and explain why you think it’s important for them to sign up and keep getting this each week.

Here’s one more trick. If you’re struggling to write to others about your newsletter, ask your audience. Ask them “when was the last time you forwarded this newsletter to someone?” When they reply, ask them what they wrote, if they could send it to you.

Many times we’ll hear what others say, and realize… it’s probably a better description than we have ourselves. Adopt their language in your landing pages, in your announcements, in your advertising.

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