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One Person, Every Damn Day

Andrew Kamphey | 15 October, 2019

Do something every single day to propel your newsletter forward.

Reach out to at least 1 person who will read it, subscribe, submit, or just give some feedback.

You never know what that 1 person will do next.

I’ve had college professors sign up their whole class.

I’ve had CEOs add signup to my newsletter as part of employee onboarding.

You can get into each and every person’s inbox.

Single call with readers have given me plenty of ideas to create content.

One reader emailed me. Asked for a list of events in our industry. I made it. Gained 50 subscribers from the events list.

One person today can lead to 50 new subscribers next week.

One person today can lead to 300 of their employees signing up over the next year.

Talk to one person every damn day.

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